Photosynthesis (R2)

       All types of plants need photosynthesis to produce food for their living body. So what is photosynthesis? What is the process of photosynthesis? 

      In this round, I have been studying photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a process that plants use to create their own food from the sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water. In this process, the sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water were combined together to form Glucose. As you might know that glucose is the main product of photosynthesis, is a sugar that acts as the “food” source for plants. The glucose is then converted into usable chemical energy, ATP, during cellular respiration. The oxygen also formed during photosynthesis, which is necessary for animal life, is essentially a waste product of the photosynthesis process. Almost, all organisms obtain their energy from photosynthetic organisms. For example, if a bird eats a caterpillar, then the bird gets the energy that the caterpillar gets from the plants it eats.

       In my own opinion, photosynthesis was a really interesting topic to study in life science. After learning about photosynthesis I have learned that photosynthesis also plays an important role in our living life on earth. 

Khmer Rouge Exploration

Cambodia is one of the mysteries Country that have hidden a lot of stories. Cambodia has been through many of religion. Khmer rouge is one of the dark socality that made cambodian people remember until now. Nowaday even khmer rouge happened past through around 40 years ago but it still have many things that were left for the next generation of Cambodia to see how cruel is Khmer rouge. As I have been through this expiration I had a lot of new experiences and been through many places which is evident that left from khmer rouge. Can you imagine what the difference between the place where people use to give the education for the children and full of joy become a place where Khmer rouge people use as the prison for giving the sentence to the people that didn’t know anything. When I first heard the word S-21 I was really scared and didn’t want to visit there but after I went there, my mind has automatically Change because of the sadness and the unfairness of the people that lost their lives without any reason. In S-21 have many of photo that was shooting by Vietnam photographer and also other photo of the prisoner in S-21. one of the photos that stuck in my mind is the photo of the woman carry her child. And the story of woman her name is Bophana. Not only photos but there are a lot of things that stuck in my mind such as the axes,chain,cuffs that are made from metal for putting on the prisoner’s leg and a lot more. After the memorable memory from S-21 i get another chance to get to see the Choeung Ek killing field. Choeung Ek killing field is a place where khmer rouge take the prisoners from S-21 to kill there. Prisoners were delivered from S-21 by the van to Choeung Ek. Khmer rouge tell the prisoners that they are taking them to a new house but actually their will be killed there. Right now at choeung Ek killing field have divided into many sections. One section that stuck in my mind is the place where the big tree was called Chan kiri that place was used to kill the baby by hitting them with the tree. And there are also many more places that make me imagine of the hardest decision that people were facing at that period.
After this exploration I have one wish. I wish that all the soul of the people that died in khmer rouge rest in peace. And i wish Cambodia won’t meet that sadness memories story anymore.

How I Change Cambodia(Year 2)

    Everyone in the world always have the world change in their own life. Even the change in environment or other thing. But before you change something you need to change yourself.  And here what i have Change this year throughout the exploration.

   One of my best exploration this year was an exploration call Historical Symbolism. I’m really proud of myself because i get the some of the meaning of the statue in my country. In Cambodia, every province has at least one statue to represent that province.and there always the meaning behind each statue .In Cambodia, the government plans to put a statue in every province at least one to represent the symbol of that province. 

   I think it is really important to know every statue in our country because some of the statue in our country are representing other things such as the unique product in each province, animal, culture and others. Imagine that you live as Cambodia when you walk outside people try to ask you what it the meaning behind the statue that they are seen and you didn’t even know the meaning of the statue in your own country. You can feel how it really embarrassing. 

   And I think it is good for all the people around to learn about the statue in our own Country. And also I think this one of the Changing In Cambodia that i get this year. And I want all the people around Cambodia to know more about mean behind each statue in Cambodia. 

   After the end of the exploration we have the final product that we put all the information that we get in to the geography book to show case about the wonder of Cambodia and also to give more information to the people in Cambodia to get more idea about the meaning behind each statue in Cambodia.

How I Change Cambodia ( Year 3)

     “Change”  is an ordinary word but it’s have powerful meaning that people never knew how powerful  it is. Like the quote says, “ your life does not get better by chance, but it gets better by change” From Jim Rohn an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. In my intellect it mean that even though people have a lot of chances in their life but if they don’t change their old perspective with it everything it was still the same. And when we want phenomenon to change we must collaborate together to help the country change.

   Cambodia is a country that is starting to develop right now. Through this is my 3rd year at Liger I have done one of the exploration which  is “ Indigenous Community” .

    There are a lot of indigenous people in Cambodia. But some of the people didn’t know a lot about the indigenous life. And nowadays some of the indigenous have changed their daily into Khmer people by dressing like Khmer right now, working like Khmer people and some of their culture now have been changed because of their married with Khmer people or Because of the developing of Cambodia technology. But we shouldn’t forget about the old traditional about indigenous. In the exploration was focus about the daily life of the indigenous, the traditional cloth, Indigenous culture ceremony and Do their still belief in their god nowadays. Do you know how it is important for your new generation to know about the old traditional? And why do we have to protect the old transitional of Indigenous? 

     So let’s think about why we have to protect it ? because everything in the world must have their own background . like indigenous their have their own background and their own languages. Nowadays some of the indigenous have been studying in government primary school like Khmer Kids does. And their will know how to speak Cambodia. Manifest some of the indigenous had said that some of the new indigenous children don’t know their own languages. And their belief to the spirit also fall down . That’s why we create the exploration to keep the information about Souy indigenous people. Even it small but it also have been a part that help Cambodia new generation understand about the indigenous people and change their perspective some of the indigenous people that they didn’t want to walk on their old traditional to know more about it even their want to change it .

     Even though it doesn’t relating a lot to change Cambodia but it is also a piece of the helping and changing in it. And that also have change their perspective when their want to change their old traditional to keep in mind that even if I change but I should keep the traditional for the next generation to know about it too. And we have creating the book . and the book is also some of the information that people can read it and get some idea about the old traditional of indigenous too.  


Literacy ( Inference)

        New year of English literacy have been start really cool. For this year’s literacy study progress have been changed a bit because before we change one theme every round but now I have to study by module and one module will have 3 units for study. My class first unit is inferencing. In the unit we have learnt about the Vietnam war. And in this my class also read the poem called inside out. Written by Vietnamese girl who have been in that situation. I really get sad after reading the poem about her family journey. It  made me think that it is really difficult for the young girl to live with family that lose their father and also she has to leave her country in the young age. And this is really inspiring me that even she young she can afford to all the new things that she has to adapt to. And in this story made me think that even she young but she has a lot of experience and she never gave up even though she get bully when she arrived in a new place to stay. 

       So after reading this it made me think that I was born with everything even family we never lost someone and my country never have war why should i give up easily with something.

Electricity Exploration

     Have you ever wondered about the electricity that you use every day? Well, I think some people might think about it if there don’t know anything about electricity in their country like me. For the starting exploration of the new school year, I have been a part of the exploration of Electricity. This is a new project for me because I didn’t know anything about electricity. For the past 7 weeks that I have been working on this project. I have spent a lot of time to research what are the resources that use to energy-generating right now and get some idea about renewable energy developing right now. We have divided people as a small crew and work on opposed task about electricity. My team we working on Thermal energy. We have been researching the type of thermal and we divided work to do. For me, I work on burning coal power plants. I have learned a lot about coal power plants how it impacts what will it affect if we burn a lot of coal to generate power. And also I have been to some of the trips with my whole team to study other ways of generating energy such as wind power, solar farm, and hydro power. One of my favorite trips when I went to Kampong Speu to visit the mini-grid provided by the Okra Solar Company. I have learned a lot about the smart grids that combine the flexibility of solar home systems that provide power to many homes. And my team also interviewed the villagers that live there to get some background about their lifestyle before they used Okra Solar and how they feel after.
    After that exploration, I feel proud of how people use many types of ways to generate electricity. And this exploration also makes me solve my question about electricity.

Solar Panel at Kampong Spue





Okra solar Company member teach my group about the system.
Our team walked to interview the villager.


Literacy (R5)

  Literacy class is been a really wonderful class for me in this round because this round in class our facilitator allow us to prepare what to do in class that related to literacy. For me I feel really gleeful because I have a chance to manage what I have to do in the class. The last round of the year I’m mostly manage my time to work on reading the article from the Newsela  . and I have found so many interesting article in the newsela. In this round I have working on the novel study too. I have choose the novel that written by Ali Novak the young author of the book Paper heart. And the book that I read is call the Heart Breaker. The Heart Breaker is such a wonderful story that make me really interested in read it. But while I read that book sometime I feel like the book is Impossible .  because is about the teenager love and their also live different sociability one is the high-so and famous and other she just a normal girl and don’t know a lot about the boy. But if you want to know more about it and how can their relationship go together you can read the book cause i don’t want to spoil the story. And i really recommend you to read this book because it have a lot problem sometime and mostly is good for you to read if you are a fan’s girl of famous boy band group and i believe you will love it when you your read that book finish.

Work And Machine

It really amazing for me to study about the Work and machine. There are 4 topic in work and machine chapter and there are Work, Machine, Simple machines and compound machine.  In physical science work doesn’t mean activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result ( but work means the use of force to move an object. So that mean working we need to use the force to move your body to move. So in work we just learning about the how can the we calculate the work and the power of work. After we study about work we study about the Machine. Machine is an A machine is any device that makes work easier by changing a force. I also study about the Easy machine and compound machine. I really excited to study about that topic because in our everyday life we mostly use the machine to work for us to make our life easier. And after we finish that we also I work as a team to create a small simple machine.  

Filming screening Exploration

  Filming and acting exploration is a new project for me that I have been join this year. You know how it good to attempt new thing while you don’t know a lot about it . My favorite thing to do in the film and acting exploration is the acting part it really cool for me to practice acting. And for the filming I feel like is a bit boring but it is really useful for me to study about it. When I don’t have the experience about filming i just think that filming and acting are the most easiest thing to do, but unfortunately isn’t because there a lot of the important thing that we should understand and other there are more than 100 struggles in filming exploration . as my experience filming I can shared some of the struggle that we meet while we are trying to shoot our short first filming. Before we are going to shoot the film we must have the screenplay for what we are doing . and it isn’t easy to writing the screenplay. While we have that we have to go shoot so isn’t easy to shoot we need to perform and after that we need to see what are good place for shooting and scheduling the time and sometime there will be the problem with wrong script and some wrong acting. And sometime people interrupt while we are filming, some weather problem, technical problem and a lot more . For us we not meet that kind of problem a lot because we have to shoot it in the school and while we go out and shoot the short film we it also great and don’t have a lot of problem . but what i want to say i like it and love this exploration even it is difficult. Finally I really excited to see the outcome of the short film and love to see it and i wish i could have another chance to do it again.

Math R5

 The last round of the year I have been working on the last chapter of the math book which is the per algebra. It is the most difficult and the most fun topic at the same time as I work on it. By the way in this round I have working on other topic too,  which is the coordinate and the negative number. Both of the topic  are my favorite topic, even it is difficult and hard to understand sometime. To study about this i have so many challenge to understand the structure of the chapter. Before I Study this topic I’m just thinking that this topic is boring but after study this, my mine have change like I mention when the first start of the sentence. Well right now I can shared some of my suggestion that i have when I study about this. So before you study about the negative number you must have a book to take note because It is really tricky for you to remember but if you have the book you can just talk note it you will be more remember about it. And when you study about the coordinate you must have to remember the plane of the coordinate. And number that is represent in each plane by the X and Y coordinate. This is mean that whenever you are study or working in a project you must take note because not will help you a lot in your study and working.

Coordinate plane
Negative number