Black Snake Experiment

On Thursday we had an experiment call a BLACK SNAKE experiment . So let begin:


  • Ingredient


– Sugar

– Alcohol

– Baking Soda

– match

– sand ( we need if we are do it in the a bowl or something else that take place in side class or lab)


  • Instruction


  • take 20 gram of sugar put together with with 5 gram of baking soda and mix them together.
  • After that take sand and put it in small bowl and put the alcohol in the bowl on the top of sand let it there.
  • Then we start to put the mixture between baking soda and the sugar put it one the sand that we put the alcohol on.
  • Finally we will take the match and burn the black snake ingredient that we put it together.

What i thought at first?

What i thought at first won’t get something else that cool by the experiment. I just think it will burn and burn and the result  will get the black small spot come out that all . I thought it will bring a bad smell and also a lot smoke .

What will you see?

When you all the stature finish you will see the black thing that look like snake come out and it will burn and burn and the black thing you see it will pop up like snake come out the hole. The black snake that come out what i think it maybe the mixture of baking soda and the sugar that get burn by the fire . And the alcohol that we put it one of the guy that help support the baking soda and the sugar get burn. And the sand just something that use to contain the alcohol don’t make it to fast to burn and the banifi go so fast. What it smell like,it smell like  the sugar that get to roast when it to much fire. And the black snake it like the water that the ingredient that we use for grill pork with , it feel soft . All of this are what we see, what we smell and how it feel when we do the experiment the black snake !

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