Percentage and Angle

Round 3 of math class I have learned about the percentage and the angle. Percentage is the number that they use it to represent the number stand for 100. The sign of percentage is this(%) . In percentage lesson I learn how to change the fraction to percentage , how to using the percentage to know the price of something that we buy that is discount. And  also how to use the percentage to stand for something that have a lot of number. After i finish study the percentage i’m study about the angle. Angle is the two line that come together to meet at some point and it represent by the(°) degrees  . They are four properties or rules in angle . which are supplementary angle , complementary angle, vertically opposite and the other not name and it just called Angle.

  • Supplementary angle is an angle that add up to 180°.
  • Complementary angle is an angle that add up to 90°.
  • Vertically opposite is an angle that is have equal side.
  • Angle is a round a point that add up to 360°.

And I also learn how to measure the angle. After study about this i feel it really cool to study about the percentage and the angle. It really fun whenever i study about the angle and percentage because angle and percentage is helping people a lot in everyday life.


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