Human of Cambodia (HOC)

Human of Cambodia is an exploration that talking about the human life of Cambodia and it Inspired by human of New York . In this exploration I have learn a lot about the human life such :

  • How different between single mother and the normal mother?
  • What is the saddest moment in people life?
  • What is the memorable moment that people never forget?
  • What is the the difference between kid live with family and the kid live in the organization ?
  • What is the difficult thing in people life?   
  • Opinion about the orphan kid?

In this exploration i have learn a lot . i think this exploration is such the most wonderful exploration that make me understand a lot about the human life and many experience. And some kind of thing that i never expect. And it also make me understand  myself that i also have the photograph skill. Beside that i really enjoy to writing the caption for the story of the people that have and one of my favorite story is when I go to helping hand and interviewed the kid and she tell me the pretty cool story about her and what she want to be in the future and tell me the reason why their want to be that .  One thing that i really love is that after this exploration I really appreciate myself that i have all the thing that the other people in Cambodia some don’t have it. Also because of this exploration, it inspiring me to write the poem title : darkness of me!


The outside beauty you can see by eye,

But the inside beauty you never see it by eye.

Everyday you see me smile but you don’t know:

What inside of me that i have

I need someone to shared about it

But sadly every one that i see and wanted to shared

It all the not the safe to hide.

Just so you know everyone has their own dark side

Like the moon that you can see every night.

It have to hide and show in the sky like

your life would be in one day.

Let me tell you the story

I was a kid with the father run always

Out of me and family became other woman come in.

Everyday my mom drunk

Because of the dump thing that my dad did.

He have the other guys and leave us.

I feel really dangerous to live with that

I want to tell my mom to stop drunk

And let me be inside to shared the idea

But the god don’t bless me

He take my mommy to live with him

And make become an orphan guys like now.


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