How I Change Cambodia ( Year 3)

     “Change”  is an ordinary word but it’s have powerful meaning that people never knew how powerful  it is. Like the quote says, “ your life does not get better by chance, but it gets better by change” From Jim Rohn an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. In my intellect it mean that even though people have a lot of chances in their life but if they don’t change their old perspective with it everything it was still the same. And when we want phenomenon to change we must collaborate together to help the country change.

   Cambodia is a country that is starting to develop right now. Through this is my 3rd year at Liger I have done one of the exploration which  is “ Indigenous Community” .

    There are a lot of indigenous people in Cambodia. But some of the people didn’t know a lot about the indigenous life. And nowadays some of the indigenous have changed their daily into Khmer people by dressing like Khmer right now, working like Khmer people and some of their culture now have been changed because of their married with Khmer people or Because of the developing of Cambodia technology. But we shouldn’t forget about the old traditional about indigenous. In the exploration was focus about the daily life of the indigenous, the traditional cloth, Indigenous culture ceremony and Do their still belief in their god nowadays. Do you know how it is important for your new generation to know about the old traditional? And why do we have to protect the old transitional of Indigenous? 

     So let’s think about why we have to protect it ? because everything in the world must have their own background . like indigenous their have their own background and their own languages. Nowadays some of the indigenous have been studying in government primary school like Khmer Kids does. And their will know how to speak Cambodia. Manifest some of the indigenous had said that some of the new indigenous children don’t know their own languages. And their belief to the spirit also fall down . That’s why we create the exploration to keep the information about Souy indigenous people. Even it small but it also have been a part that help Cambodia new generation understand about the indigenous people and change their perspective some of the indigenous people that they didn’t want to walk on their old traditional to know more about it even their want to change it .

     Even though it doesn’t relating a lot to change Cambodia but it is also a piece of the helping and changing in it. And that also have change their perspective when their want to change their old traditional to keep in mind that even if I change but I should keep the traditional for the next generation to know about it too. And we have creating the book . and the book is also some of the information that people can read it and get some idea about the old traditional of indigenous too.  


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