How I Change Cambodia(Year 2)

    Everyone in the world always have the world change in their own life. Even the change in environment or other thing. But before you change something you need to change yourself.  And here what i have Change this year throughout the exploration.

   One of my best exploration this year was an exploration call Historical Symbolism. I’m really proud of myself because i get the some of the meaning of the statue in my country. In Cambodia, every province has at least one statue to represent that province.and there always the meaning behind each statue .In Cambodia, the government plans to put a statue in every province at least one to represent the symbol of that province. 

   I think it is really important to know every statue in our country because some of the statue in our country are representing other things such as the unique product in each province, animal, culture and others. Imagine that you live as Cambodia when you walk outside people try to ask you what it the meaning behind the statue that they are seen and you didn’t even know the meaning of the statue in your own country. You can feel how it really embarrassing. 

   And I think it is good for all the people around to learn about the statue in our own Country. And also I think this one of the Changing In Cambodia that i get this year. And I want all the people around Cambodia to know more about mean behind each statue in Cambodia. 

   After the end of the exploration we have the final product that we put all the information that we get in to the geography book to show case about the wonder of Cambodia and also to give more information to the people in Cambodia to get more idea about the meaning behind each statue in Cambodia.

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