Math R5

 The last round of the year I have been working on the last chapter of the math book which is the per algebra. It is the most difficult and the most fun topic at the same time as I work on it. By the way in this round I have working on other topic too,  which is the coordinate and the negative number. Both of the topic  are my favorite topic, even it is difficult and hard to understand sometime. To study about this i have so many challenge to understand the structure of the chapter. Before I Study this topic I’m just thinking that this topic is boring but after study this, my mine have change like I mention when the first start of the sentence. Well right now I can shared some of my suggestion that i have when I study about this. So before you study about the negative number you must have a book to take note because It is really tricky for you to remember but if you have the book you can just talk note it you will be more remember about it. And when you study about the coordinate you must have to remember the plane of the coordinate. And number that is represent in each plane by the X and Y coordinate. This is mean that whenever you are study or working in a project you must take note because not will help you a lot in your study and working.

Coordinate plane
Negative number

Percentage and Angle

Round 3 of math class I have learned about the percentage and the angle. Percentage is the number that they use it to represent the number stand for 100. The sign of percentage is this(%) . In percentage lesson I learn how to change the fraction to percentage , how to using the percentage to know the price of something that we buy that is discount. And  also how to use the percentage to stand for something that have a lot of number. After i finish study the percentage i’m study about the angle. Angle is the two line that come together to meet at some point and it represent by the(°) degrees  . They are four properties or rules in angle . which are supplementary angle , complementary angle, vertically opposite and the other not name and it just called Angle.

  • Supplementary angle is an angle that add up to 180°.
  • Complementary angle is an angle that add up to 90°.
  • Vertically opposite is an angle that is have equal side.
  • Angle is a round a point that add up to 360°.

And I also learn how to measure the angle. After study about this i feel it really cool to study about the percentage and the angle. It really fun whenever i study about the angle and percentage because angle and percentage is helping people a lot in everyday life.



Everything around that talk about the number have to use with math . expectantly is money , This round i had changing the book from Math 5A to 5B . In the first week that i got the new book which it 5B , my class mostly we reviewing all the thing that we have learned. But at the second week i have learned about the decimal , we also have reviewing about the decimal about how to change the fraction to decimal , change the decimal to fraction . after we reviewing this we have learn about how to add, subtract ,  time and divide the decimal. We had staring some of the work in workbook and it so fun to study math.


  Math class is one of my favorite class. In round two of the school years I have learn a lot of thing but one of my favorite thing that I love in math class is Ratio. Ratio is the study of the the quantitative relation between two amounts showing the number of times one value contains or is contained within the other. That mean in this project of class I focus how to compare thing and thing. While we study about that my teacher also give us some work on the class , such as finding the number of the student and the teacher also finding the ratio of the ingredient of the food . Beside that I have learn about how to measuring the Area and perimeter of triangle square rectangle and the polygon. By the way I also learned about the how to find surface area of the all the geometry . And to know more about that my teacher also give us the word Khan academy and also the to know more about the about the Algebra. And also we do some of the review thing like Multiple,Subtract,Addition and the Division.   


 Math symbol 





  For the first seven weeks  of round one , In math class  I had learned are mostly about the fraction. For the first I mostly working as a team to drawing something that related to math . after the first week i started  learn some of the reviewing about the fraction then i have  learned more about the algebra  but learning the algebra by using the picture to understand. After I have learning about that i started to continue studying about how to adding ,subtract, time and also multiplication the fraction. For the adding and subtract the fraction I have learning how to add and subtract the number have the same denominator and also we learn about  add and subtract the fraction have different denominator too.Explicitly I also have learning about time the fraction with mix number. For the first round what I can say we mostly reviewing the fraction like factor and multiply the fraction, also I reviewing how to make the fraction to have the same denominator. KEEP CALM AND LET MATH BEGIN IN YOUR LIFE!!!