Adobe Photoshop independent study( 1 week )

 For the whole week of this independent study.  I have used my time to learn more about how to use Photoshop. Because Photoshop is functional and it helps to learn how to edit the picture in many unlike ways like changing the background picture, edit the picture to have more beautiful color, and combine two pictures together and more. I’m really interested in how to use Photoshop for changing background picture and how to combine the images together to make one image. This isn’t easy to edit the picture and changing the background of the picture that you like. It really hard for me when I edit the picture at first because some of the tools I need to learn how to use it more to provide me an idea of how can it work? And mostly I use my time to learn how changing the background of the picture of the girl that sitting in the forest to make her sitting under the mushroom.  To be a best of learning about something isn’t easy for me. I spend most of the time to work on it. And I have many struggles to learn about this such as using the tool of Photoshop as I mention. Changing the color of the picture and using the cutting picture tool. Even it is difficult for me but I think it really fun and cool to learn about it and and the picture down below are the outcome after editing the picture. And the source that I use to learn are you tube video and asked my friend when I don’t understand it. And I am really happy to see the outcome of my Photoshop editing and I really love it.

A picture of the pregnant mother stand in the sunset at the beach!
A child sit under the mushroom ! 


Multimedia Round4

     Multimedia is the study of the Technology that is related to code programming languages. In this round, I continue to study more about Python function, Python lists, and Python Dictionaries. Python function is the study of a block of code that reusable and their only run when it is called. In python we study about the Defining functions (1),(2) and (3) and calling the function . after that I study about the Python lists. Python list is the study of A collection of items that are ordered and changeable. And I have learned about the Accessing items, changing items values, loop through the list, check if the item exists, list length, add items. Append, add items – insert and remove the items . and the last one I study about the Python Dictionaries. Python Dictionaries is the study of  A collection of items that is unordered and changeable. I have learned about the Dictionary list, accessing items, change items values, loop through Dictionaries and more. I feel really struggle with the python function because it really hard to make me understand how can it work. I try to ask my friend, they explain to me how to it work and then i get it. But sometimes multimedia is really difficult to understand. When you study about multimedia you should take note it to make you easy to understand how it works and easy for you to remember.    I think python is one of the subjects that are important in our daily and expectantly for the people that love to study math. Because sometimes is related to math.



Multimedia is the class that taking all the stuff that related to the technology. In this term i have study more about the python in Python is study of the A block of code imported by some other code. object Any data with state (attributes or value) and defined behavior (methods). … Pythonic An idea or piece of code which closely follows the most common idioms of the Python language, rather than implementation code using concepts common to other languages. And it for the beginning class of study code. In this term of the multimedia class were study about :


  • If statement
  • Booleans
  • Indentation
  • Elif statement
  • Else statement
  • And or not


  • Comparisons


Multimedia / Photography Basic

 Multimedia is the class that study about all using more than one medium of expression or communication . even through last time I have learning about the all the Adobe and finding the source in the internet. so in this time I have learn about the photography basics . by the way I have learning about how the camera working how to shooting the best picture by changing the shutter speed, exposure, aperture and ISO .To add on that also we have learn about the Digital storytelling too. for the camera working I have learn that some of the camera are the DSLR that stand for the digital single lens reflex and some of the camera are the Mirror-less. I also have learn that about what is the exposure that is mean that amount of light that reach the Camera sensor. And the Shutter speed , exposure and the aperture that is the 3 things that affect the picture, Exposure  some time make the picture too bright and sometime make the picture too dark. So what i have learn about the Shutter Speed are the Length of time the shutter is open to allow light in .



in the multimedia class in this term i have learning about the how to get the source in the internet that it the real source and also about the light room and also the Indesign . how to get the correct source that i have learn in the multimedia class .the second day I learn how to research  in the correct way to get the source easily ,after that we have learnt about that we research project about something that we want to know and i have research about the Tham lung non nang mountain. but before i start to research i have to create the question about it and i have to think about the key word that i know .and we also learning about the the secondary source and the Primary  source  and we find the information about our project and see that it the secondary source or the Primary  source. after that in the second week i have learning just some of the Adobe cloud like light room and the Indesign  and i have a lot of struggle in that class because i have to learning about that after i learn two of this think i have a lot of the experience to make the PDF and also edit the picture to make it more beautiful and make it more clear about the picture .after that class i have a good PDF about my project research about the Tham lung mountain.