Photosynthesis (R2)

       All types of plants need photosynthesis to produce food for their living body. So what is photosynthesis? What is the process of photosynthesis? 

      In this round, I have been studying photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a process that plants use to create their own food from the sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water. In this process, the sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water were combined together to form Glucose. As you might know that glucose is the main product of photosynthesis, is a sugar that acts as the “food” source for plants. The glucose is then converted into usable chemical energy, ATP, during cellular respiration. The oxygen also formed during photosynthesis, which is necessary for animal life, is essentially a waste product of the photosynthesis process. Almost, all organisms obtain their energy from photosynthetic organisms. For example, if a bird eats a caterpillar, then the bird gets the energy that the caterpillar gets from the plants it eats.

       In my own opinion, photosynthesis was a really interesting topic to study in life science. After learning about photosynthesis I have learned that photosynthesis also plays an important role in our living life on earth. 

Work And Machine

It really amazing for me to study about the Work and machine. There are 4 topic in work and machine chapter and there are Work, Machine, Simple machines and compound machine.  In physical science work doesn’t mean activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result ( but work means the use of force to move an object. So that mean working we need to use the force to move your body to move. So in work we just learning about the how can the we calculate the work and the power of work. After we study about work we study about the Machine. Machine is an A machine is any device that makes work easier by changing a force. I also study about the Easy machine and compound machine. I really excited to study about that topic because in our everyday life we mostly use the machine to work for us to make our life easier. And after we finish that we also I work as a team to create a small simple machine.  

Acids and bases experiments

We have do the acids and bases experiments on Thursday 07/03/my class have to do the experiment  about how the color and how it work and think why we get the answer now let me tell you what we did.

Ingredient and material: 


  • Cups
  • Red cabbage solution as an indicator
  1. Lemon juice
  2. Vinegar
  3. Sprite
  4. Water
  5. Toothpaste and water solution
  6. Baking soda and water solution
  7. Bleach.

How to do it

  1. Take the water , lemon juice,vinegar,sprite,water,toothpaste and water solution, baking soda and water solution and Bleach(20 ml) and then put it into the individual cut.
  2. After that poll the red cabbage solute with indicator  into each cut that we put the lemon juice,vinegar,sprite,water,toothpaste and water solution, baking soda and water solution and Bleach.
  3. After that you will see how it changing !

What i can see ?

  • Vinegar and the red cabbage the color will become Pink.
  • Sprite and the red cabbage the color will become light pink
  • Bleach with the red cabbage the color will become brown but just a minute later and will be white.
  • Baking soda and the red cabbage the color will become green
  • The solute of toothpaste and red cabbage the color will be Purple and have the bubble that come from the toothpaste solute
  • Water and red cabbage it will become light purple
  • After that pull the all the water  we mix with each other
  1. Put the solute  that the we mix between Bleach and Lemon juice you will see the color it become white and have the gas when we stir it and it hot .
  2. Then baking soda and the vinegar and the color will be change into dark blue and when we stir we can see the bubble gas come up and  it feel cold .
  3. Last one we pull together between Sprite and the solute of the toothpaste and the color is changing to dark pink and the we can see the bubble that is come from the tooth paste .
  • Finished that we have to talk all the solutes that we mix it last time take it all together and then put it all into the solute of the water and red cabbage then it become no smell and no feel, and also the color it changing to purple.

Lab report

All the color of the solute that it mix together what i think it maybe acid if the color of the  solute together is have the color pink and red are the Acid and the dark all the dark color(purple or Dark green) all of them are the  base.

Acid and Base Experiment

Black Snake Experiment

On Thursday we had an experiment call a BLACK SNAKE experiment . So let begin:


  • Ingredient


– Sugar

– Alcohol

– Baking Soda

– match

– sand ( we need if we are do it in the a bowl or something else that take place in side class or lab)


  • Instruction


  • take 20 gram of sugar put together with with 5 gram of baking soda and mix them together.
  • After that take sand and put it in small bowl and put the alcohol in the bowl on the top of sand let it there.
  • Then we start to put the mixture between baking soda and the sugar put it one the sand that we put the alcohol on.
  • Finally we will take the match and burn the black snake ingredient that we put it together.

What i thought at first?

What i thought at first won’t get something else that cool by the experiment. I just think it will burn and burn and the result  will get the black small spot come out that all . I thought it will bring a bad smell and also a lot smoke .

What will you see?

When you all the stature finish you will see the black thing that look like snake come out and it will burn and burn and the black thing you see it will pop up like snake come out the hole. The black snake that come out what i think it maybe the mixture of baking soda and the sugar that get burn by the fire . And the alcohol that we put it one of the guy that help support the baking soda and the sugar get burn. And the sand just something that use to contain the alcohol don’t make it to fast to burn and the banifi go so fast. What it smell like,it smell like  the sugar that get to roast when it to much fire. And the black snake it like the water that the ingredient that we use for grill pork with , it feel soft . All of this are what we see, what we smell and how it feel when we do the experiment the black snake !

STEM / Chemical Bonding

In Stem class round 2 of the school years it such a beautiful class. In round two we have learn about the Chemical Bonding . that meaning that the study it about the how the chemical and chemical bonding together to make another substance in the living life. Ask you have study there are Three chemical bonding . The bonding are Ionic Bonding, Covalent Bonding and the Metallic bonding. Now let talk about what it Ironic bonding. Ionic Bonding is the Transfer of the electrons Metal and non-metal. We can say that they sharing each other electrons to make it stable . Example : Hydrogen and oxygen. They sharing the atom together to make their stable.

Covalent Bonding is the bonding between same element sharing their electrons with each other. Example: hydrogen sharing their Electrons with each other .  Ionic Bonding  is the chemical bonding that involves the electrostatic attraction between oppositely charged ions.

Did you know?


  • Hydrogen is the weakest chemical Bonding
  • Covalent is the strongest chemical Bonding
  • Ionic is the moderate chemical Bonding .





   At the first week of the class we focus on the Science that mean we learn about the what is science , how to the identify the science and what behind the science. after that stem class we mostly study about the matter and the Atom. in the matter we mostly study about the changing of the matter when in the it in the different gravity. and we also learning how to identify the matter. after that we learning how to the using the beam balance, and the difference between the mass and weight. in the matter we also learning about the Chemical property and the physical property. when we finish that we learning the chemical change and the physical change. when we finish learning that we have learning about the Atom. in the atom we not yet learning a lot but some of we have know we know that the atom is the small practical that have in the matter. and we also have the team research about the different think in the atom that make up atom, we also learn about the electron , neutron and how to identify we learn about the proton in the atom . and some of the team have research about the quark  , also we have research about the the atomic mass and the atomic number to know how to calculate the proton and the neutron in the Atom of the matter.