Khmer Rouge Exploration

Cambodia is one of the mysteries Country that have hidden a lot of stories. Cambodia has been through many of religion. Khmer rouge is one of the dark socality that made cambodian people remember until now. Nowaday even khmer rouge happened past through around 40 years ago but it still have many things that were left for the next generation of Cambodia to see how cruel is Khmer rouge. As I have been through this expiration I had a lot of new experiences and been through many places which is evident that left from khmer rouge. Can you imagine what the difference between the place where people use to give the education for the children and full of joy become a place where Khmer rouge people use as the prison for giving the sentence to the people that didn’t know anything. When I first heard the word S-21 I was really scared and didn’t want to visit there but after I went there, my mind has automatically Change because of the sadness and the unfairness of the people that lost their lives without any reason. In S-21 have many of photo that was shooting by Vietnam photographer and also other photo of the prisoner in S-21. one of the photos that stuck in my mind is the photo of the woman carry her child. And the story of woman her name is Bophana. Not only photos but there are a lot of things that stuck in my mind such as the axes,chain,cuffs that are made from metal for putting on the prisoner’s leg and a lot more. After the memorable memory from S-21 i get another chance to get to see the Choeung Ek killing field. Choeung Ek killing field is a place where khmer rouge take the prisoners from S-21 to kill there. Prisoners were delivered from S-21 by the van to Choeung Ek. Khmer rouge tell the prisoners that they are taking them to a new house but actually their will be killed there. Right now at choeung Ek killing field have divided into many sections. One section that stuck in my mind is the place where the big tree was called Chan kiri that place was used to kill the baby by hitting them with the tree. And there are also many more places that make me imagine of the hardest decision that people were facing at that period.
After this exploration I have one wish. I wish that all the soul of the people that died in khmer rouge rest in peace. And i wish Cambodia won’t meet that sadness memories story anymore.

Electricity Exploration

     Have you ever wondered about the electricity that you use every day? Well, I think some people might think about it if there don’t know anything about electricity in their country like me. For the starting exploration of the new school year, I have been a part of the exploration of Electricity. This is a new project for me because I didn’t know anything about electricity. For the past 7 weeks that I have been working on this project. I have spent a lot of time to research what are the resources that use to energy-generating right now and get some idea about renewable energy developing right now. We have divided people as a small crew and work on opposed task about electricity. My team we working on Thermal energy. We have been researching the type of thermal and we divided work to do. For me, I work on burning coal power plants. I have learned a lot about coal power plants how it impacts what will it affect if we burn a lot of coal to generate power. And also I have been to some of the trips with my whole team to study other ways of generating energy such as wind power, solar farm, and hydro power. One of my favorite trips when I went to Kampong Speu to visit the mini-grid provided by the Okra Solar Company. I have learned a lot about the smart grids that combine the flexibility of solar home systems that provide power to many homes. And my team also interviewed the villagers that live there to get some background about their lifestyle before they used Okra Solar and how they feel after.
    After that exploration, I feel proud of how people use many types of ways to generate electricity. And this exploration also makes me solve my question about electricity.

Solar Panel at Kampong Spue





Okra solar Company member teach my group about the system.
Our team walked to interview the villager.


Filming screening Exploration

  Filming and acting exploration is a new project for me that I have been join this year. You know how it good to attempt new thing while you don’t know a lot about it . My favorite thing to do in the film and acting exploration is the acting part it really cool for me to practice acting. And for the filming I feel like is a bit boring but it is really useful for me to study about it. When I don’t have the experience about filming i just think that filming and acting are the most easiest thing to do, but unfortunately isn’t because there a lot of the important thing that we should understand and other there are more than 100 struggles in filming exploration . as my experience filming I can shared some of the struggle that we meet while we are trying to shoot our short first filming. Before we are going to shoot the film we must have the screenplay for what we are doing . and it isn’t easy to writing the screenplay. While we have that we have to go shoot so isn’t easy to shoot we need to perform and after that we need to see what are good place for shooting and scheduling the time and sometime there will be the problem with wrong script and some wrong acting. And sometime people interrupt while we are filming, some weather problem, technical problem and a lot more . For us we not meet that kind of problem a lot because we have to shoot it in the school and while we go out and shoot the short film we it also great and don’t have a lot of problem . but what i want to say i like it and love this exploration even it is difficult. Finally I really excited to see the outcome of the short film and love to see it and i wish i could have another chance to do it again.

Human of Cambodia (HOC)

Human of Cambodia is an exploration that talking about the human life of Cambodia and it Inspired by human of New York . In this exploration I have learn a lot about the human life such :

  • How different between single mother and the normal mother?
  • What is the saddest moment in people life?
  • What is the memorable moment that people never forget?
  • What is the the difference between kid live with family and the kid live in the organization ?
  • What is the difficult thing in people life?   
  • Opinion about the orphan kid?

In this exploration i have learn a lot . i think this exploration is such the most wonderful exploration that make me understand a lot about the human life and many experience. And some kind of thing that i never expect. And it also make me understand  myself that i also have the photograph skill. Beside that i really enjoy to writing the caption for the story of the people that have and one of my favorite story is when I go to helping hand and interviewed the kid and she tell me the pretty cool story about her and what she want to be in the future and tell me the reason why their want to be that .  One thing that i really love is that after this exploration I really appreciate myself that i have all the thing that the other people in Cambodia some don’t have it. Also because of this exploration, it inspiring me to write the poem title : darkness of me!


The outside beauty you can see by eye,

But the inside beauty you never see it by eye.

Everyday you see me smile but you don’t know:

What inside of me that i have

I need someone to shared about it

But sadly every one that i see and wanted to shared

It all the not the safe to hide.

Just so you know everyone has their own dark side

Like the moon that you can see every night.

It have to hide and show in the sky like

your life would be in one day.

Let me tell you the story

I was a kid with the father run always

Out of me and family became other woman come in.

Everyday my mom drunk

Because of the dump thing that my dad did.

He have the other guys and leave us.

I feel really dangerous to live with that

I want to tell my mom to stop drunk

And let me be inside to shared the idea

But the god don’t bless me

He take my mommy to live with him

And make become an orphan guys like now.


Out Door Leadership


How have I changed after the Exploration?
     I was of the people who was afraid of the dark the most. I never thought that I could live with darkness at night in the deep forest near the cliff. And I never thought that I could do something like  hiking, living in the forest, sleeping in the tent without taking a shower for 4 days, and working as a team like we are areal family. So let me tell you about how I now know more about myself and that I’m also strong.

    If there wasn’t an exploration called outdoor leadership I wouldn’t  know anything about myself. After outdoor exploration has ended, I am thinking much deeper than before. In outdoor exploration, we had two trips: one at Kirirom and another at Mondulkiri province. At Kirirom, on the way there, I was thinking that at night if it was too dark how would I live, what would I do if we met some dangerous animal, if I couldn’t take a shower for 3 to 4 days would my skin get itchy, would it be hot in the tent, and how many kilometers would I have to work. I was thinking a lot, like I was a crazy person.

    But when my teacher started to talk with me and tell me some of the experiences that he had, I started to think that if ghosts were real, why had they never showed their body to me? What do they look like? So I tried to think of that and let that word inside my heart and tried to think that everything around me wouldn’t affect us if we did not do bad stuff to them first.  Now I know that I am a person who can stand to live without taking shower, can trek to wonderful places like I got a new life in the forest. And after this exploration, I now know that it’s not so hard to go somewhere without transportation.
     After I learned about life outside as an outdoor leader, I want to share some of my experiences, like not taking shower is also fine in the forest. I want to share about the stuff around that we might think, it’s just a tree, but it could also be firewood, which is important in the forest if there nothing like a pot or stove to boil water. And especially about how to do CPR to save a person’s life when they are in an emergency and share how to use first-aid.

Learn how to do CPR
Set up the tent
Exploring the beautiful natural

Sit and spot

Indigenous people

    To be the student that study about the indigenous people isn’t easy. But in my second exploration I’m one of the student that study about the indigenous people that live in Cambodia. In this exploration we focus on history of the indigenous , Life of the indigenous , story or folklore of the indigenous , traditional food of indigenous , belief and the traditional culture of indigenous , Geography and a lot more. We have chose five indigenous group that have in Cambodia but in the different province. Indigenous group that we study about in Kampong Speu is Souy. And the indigenous group that we study about at Ratanakiri are Jarai , Tumpuan , Kachok and kreung. Before i go and study at there I really nervous and scared that the indigenous are strange and dangerous, but when i go there is so different the people at there also have the same daily life like us but they just have the name and the traditional different for Cambodia. In the trip i have a lot of communication with the indigenous people and get a lot of new knowledge about indigenous  people in Cambodia. In our Exploration we divide the people in to the team, and every team get the topic to interviewing the indigenous people. So in my team we have the topic about the belief traditional culture .So that mean What i have learn about the indigenous people is Belief tradition and Culture. And this is two of my favorite story that i want to sharing , there are about the wedding culture and the Funeral culture, For the wedding indigenous people do it different from Cambodia because they just calibrate it only killing the pigs and the cow can be the buffalo to make the thing that use to pray their Spirit god then they eat and drink the rice wine then it will be finish the wedding. And some of their wedding also different from us because the girl have to go and ask the boy for wedding . another think it the funeral they also do it similar to Cambodia , when the people died Cambodian people can be buried or cremation to the dead body . but indigenous people there only buried the dead body. And when they sick the people still go to the Khmer traditional healer to ask for telling what they sick and let the Khmer traditional healer to tell them what to do to get the better of the sickness. One of my fact about the Trip is that before we starting the question we have to did some of the communication with the people that we will ask to get them feeling better.  For another thing that is the impact of the indigenous is that their traditional starting to fall because of the people like kid start to think that the belief now are gone.  and at the end we taking the information to make the book and also we have creating the blog. link to our blog. 

Indigenous Drum 

Indigenous Cooking supplier

Indigenous Cloth  

Indigenous weaving scarf 


Set Design Moving Theater

For the first round of the school year what am i interesting in is was the exploration that call the moving theater that i think it was the first one that have make in Cambodia. for the rest of the exploration what i think the first time i think it was really bore but in the second week of the exploration what i never through it really good and also it really happy . and in that exploration i have many thing that i have learn a lot of thing such as how to saving money while we do the business , how to be a good accounting (and in the accounting crew i just know that i also good at math) and the lasting i learn how to ask the people to get them help in my project to buy the Truck that similar to the container. The  idea make me knowing about the new website that use to ask the people to donating the money for them to helping people, helping to get the project done. For getting help from the website in the internet we have go on the trips in Tbong khmum and Kampong Cham province in the rural area to ask them about their feeling when their have the theater that can move come to their village and preform them about the thing that can affect people. And another experience while i’m on the trip i got to know how to acting a story to make the video for ask donation for our Moving Theater , my team we get a lot of problem because the people in the rural area don’t aloud us to interviewing . one thing that never forget it in the free time teacher allow us to paint that make me get another idea in that exploration. and in the exploration i also get the a good experience like communicated with other people teamwork by our self to get the idea of the theater that we want to make it in Cambodia. and as you know in the team sometime it also get some mad to each other but after this exploration i get the idea that how to make the people in our team want to work with us more then before .