At the first week of the class we focus on the Science that mean we learn about the what is science , how to the identify the science and what behind the science. after that stem class we mostly study about the matter and the Atom. in the matter we mostly study about the changing of the matter when in the it in the different gravity. and we also learning how to identify the matter. after that we learning how to the using the beam balance, and the difference between the mass and weight. in the matter we also learning about the Chemical property and the physical property. when we finish that we learning the chemical change and the physical change. when we finish learning that we have learning about the Atom. in the atom we not yet learning a lot but some of we have know we know that the atom is the small practical that have in the matter. and we also have the team research about the different think in the atom that make up atom, we also learn about the electron , neutron and how to identify we learn about the proton in the atom . and some of the team have research about the quark  , also we have research about the the atomic mass and the atomic number to know how to calculate the proton and the neutron in the Atom of the matter.


For the literacy class i get to learning so many thing that i never know before like the root word of the word that i never know and a lot of more vocabulary that make really wonder about it and try my best to study about it. and also in the class we have learning about the famous people in the world like mahatma Gandhi the leader that help India to get the independent from British. and one of the most interesting think the class we have spending some time to reading the book about the one well water that take about the water that have in the earth that is really important to the people that live in the world and read about the grandpa grande that talking about the people life that using the picture to showing about how the live was facing . and we also learn about the how to identify the theme and the symbolism and some of the people life and the another thing.  one of the best project that i have in this year is the video project that we have to do with our teammate in the class to get the donators to interesting in our project. my team i do the video that showing about a museum that we decide to make the museum about the leader of India that have India to get the independent from the British role which it Mahatma Gandhi and in the project museum that we want to make we want to make the video that talking about the life of the man who helping India to get the independent from the British role. we also putting his quote on the wall to make it inspire people that they look really sad to make them happy about their life.




in the multimedia class in this term i have learning about the how to get the source in the internet that it the real source and also about the light room and also the Indesign . how to get the correct source that i have learn in the multimedia class .the second day I learn how to research  in the correct way to get the source easily ,after that we have learnt about that we research project about something that we want to know and i have research about the Tham lung non nang mountain. but before i start to research i have to create the question about it and i have to think about the key word that i know .and we also learning about the the secondary source and the Primary  source  and we find the information about our project and see that it the secondary source or the Primary  source. after that in the second week i have learning just some of the Adobe cloud like light room and the Indesign  and i have a lot of struggle in that class because i have to learning about that after i learn two of this think i have a lot of the experience to make the PDF and also edit the picture to make it more beautiful and make it more clear about the picture .after that class i have a good PDF about my project research about the Tham lung mountain.

Set Design Moving Theater

For the first round of the school year what am i interesting in is was the exploration that call the moving theater that i think it was the first one that have make in Cambodia. for the rest of the exploration what i think the first time i think it was really bore but in the second week of the exploration what i never through it really good and also it really happy . and in that exploration i have many thing that i have learn a lot of thing such as how to saving money while we do the business , how to be a good accounting (and in the accounting crew i just know that i also good at math) and the lasting i learn how to ask the people to get them help in my project to buy the Truck that similar to the container. The  idea make me knowing about the new website that use to ask the people to donating the money for them to helping people, helping to get the project done. For getting help from the website in the internet we have go on the trips in Tbong khmum and Kampong Cham province in the rural area to ask them about their feeling when their have the theater that can move come to their village and preform them about the thing that can affect people. And another experience while i’m on the trip i got to know how to acting a story to make the video for ask donation for our Moving Theater , my team we get a lot of problem because the people in the rural area don’t aloud us to interviewing . one thing that never forget it in the free time teacher allow us to paint that make me get another idea in that exploration. and in the exploration i also get the a good experience like communicated with other people teamwork by our self to get the idea of the theater that we want to make it in Cambodia. and as you know in the team sometime it also get some mad to each other but after this exploration i get the idea that how to make the people in our team want to work with us more then before .

Khmer Poem

Khmer class

Khmer class in the first three week I study about the how to act in the correct way when I have to interviewing people like how to ask the question ,what I have to do before asking the question to the people that we want to ask , how to ask the permission before i start ask the question in the right ways. And also I  have learning about the way how they people acting when they are in the big meeting. I also learning how to shaking the hand in the right ways, how to use eye contact , how to communicate when we at there, how to using the smell in the meeting and how to stand in the right ways in the caff breaking break. And in the next few week more I have  learning about writing the poem for junior book and i have writing about 4 poem that talk about the life all the fist poem i writing the poem that talking about the life of the Lkoun khol Khmer that relating to the life of the Lkoun kol khmer . how it was and how it facing and the last one are telling the people please helping the people to support lkoun kol khmer. And three more are about the life of the kid that i just thinking and it a fake story it title is the life of the kid in the river of victory , another one is the woman in the world life and the last one the poem that talk about the life the teenager loving with each other. And at the end i will show you about my favorite poem that talk about the Life Lkoun kol khmer.

កំណាព្យខ្មែរ បទពាក្យ១២



  • ​សម្បត្តិវប្បធម៌ជាតិខ្មែរដ៍សែនឧត្តមថ្លៃថ្លា                  


  • បែរត្រូវប្រហារដោយសៀមចិត្តអប្រិយឬស្យា                


  • ក្បូរក្បាច់រចនាលម្អហត្ថាប្រៀបដូចខេមរា                  


  • គ្មានគម្លៀតសូម្បីតែឈ្មោះដល់មហាប្រពៃ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​                    


  • ល្ខោនខ្មែរហៅថាល្ងោនខោលជាតិដល់មហាសក្ដា          


  • ពេលឮហើយរៀមសែនល្អៀសក្នុងចិត្តម្លេះ៉ទេណាស់ណា


  • ប៉ុន្តែមកដល់ពេលបច្ចុប្បន្្ននេះណាល្ខោនខោល  


  • នឹកឃើញតែរឿងថៃនិងរៀងភាគភ្លេចអស់សញ្ជាតិ


  • ឃើញហើយសែនអាណិតដល់អ្នកសម្ដែងម្លេះទេណា    


  • ពេលដែលសម្ដែងយ៉ាងស្រស្រាក់តែគ្មាននាក់ផងមើល​​​​  


  • ដល់ពេលជិតបាត់បង់ទើបខំប្រឹងស្ដាយវប្បធម៌ជាតិ        


  • ដល់ពេលហើយអាងខឹងគេយ៉ាងរង្គឺគេមិនមើល             


  • អ្នកខ្លះមកមើលមិនមែនដើម្បីរៀនតែគេមកមាន            


  • ឲ្យរួមជាស្រេចយកទៅអួតមិត្តភក្កិដូចចាំបាច់              


  • បើអស់លោកអ្នកបានស្ដាប់និងបានយល់អស់វៀងហើយ   


  • បើយល់ហើយសូមជួយត្រិះរិះនិងគិតពិចារណា​              


That poem is call the 12 word poem and that is my poem .


  For the first seven weeks  of round one , In math class  I had learned are mostly about the fraction. For the first I mostly working as a team to drawing something that related to math . after the first week i started  learn some of the reviewing about the fraction then i have  learned more about the algebra  but learning the algebra by using the picture to understand. After I have learning about that i started to continue studying about how to adding ,subtract, time and also multiplication the fraction. For the adding and subtract the fraction I have learning how to add and subtract the number have the same denominator and also we learn about  add and subtract the fraction have different denominator too.Explicitly I also have learning about time the fraction with mix number. For the first round what I can say we mostly reviewing the fraction like factor and multiply the fraction, also I reviewing how to make the fraction to have the same denominator. KEEP CALM AND LET MATH BEGIN IN YOUR LIFE!!!