Khmer Rouge Exploration

Cambodia is one of the mysteries Country that have hidden a lot of stories. Cambodia has been through many of religion. Khmer rouge is one of the dark socality that made cambodian people remember until now. Nowaday even khmer rouge happened past through around 40 years ago but it still have many things that were left for the next generation of Cambodia to see how cruel is Khmer rouge. As I have been through this expiration I had a lot of new experiences and been through many places which is evident that left from khmer rouge. Can you imagine what the difference between the place where people use to give the education for the children and full of joy become a place where Khmer rouge people use as the prison for giving the sentence to the people that didn’t know anything. When I first heard the word S-21 I was really scared and didn’t want to visit there but after I went there, my mind has automatically Change because of the sadness and the unfairness of the people that lost their lives without any reason. In S-21 have many of photo that was shooting by Vietnam photographer and also other photo of the prisoner in S-21. one of the photos that stuck in my mind is the photo of the woman carry her child. And the story of woman her name is Bophana. Not only photos but there are a lot of things that stuck in my mind such as the axes,chain,cuffs that are made from metal for putting on the prisoner’s leg and a lot more. After the memorable memory from S-21 i get another chance to get to see the Choeung Ek killing field. Choeung Ek killing field is a place where khmer rouge take the prisoners from S-21 to kill there. Prisoners were delivered from S-21 by the van to Choeung Ek. Khmer rouge tell the prisoners that they are taking them to a new house but actually their will be killed there. Right now at choeung Ek killing field have divided into many sections. One section that stuck in my mind is the place where the big tree was called Chan kiri that place was used to kill the baby by hitting them with the tree. And there are also many more places that make me imagine of the hardest decision that people were facing at that period.
After this exploration I have one wish. I wish that all the soul of the people that died in khmer rouge rest in peace. And i wish Cambodia won’t meet that sadness memories story anymore.

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